8 things your husband shouldn’t ask you

In the beginning of the relationship, all things look beautiful and each party can find bright justifications for the requirements of the other party and obey them without anger, but over time the clouding goes away, and the questions begin to appear, is it normal to ask me this Do all the husband’s requests from his wife make sense That’s what we’ll tell you about in this article.

Husband requests from wife

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Certainly every relationship has its own laws, and each party has the right to accept or reject what the other party asks, but some husbands have requests that he should not ask his wife, and if this happens it means that something is wrong in this relationship and that it is unhealthy and can sometimes be harmful.

Forcing you into an intimate situation:

Your husband may force you to have some intimate situations that may be uncomfortable for’s not just things that your religious belief forbids or rejects, but it includes anything that you are upset about doing and have to do just to satisfy his desire. remember that intimacy is a shared pleasure in which one party should not use the other as a tool to satisfy his desires. Be open and clear about this, and explain to him what you prefer and hate in the marital relationship and do not accept compromise.

Constantly renew your shape:

Constantly changing and renewing your shape is good, but if it comes from you and is not an implementation of your husband’s fantasies about the ideal shape of a woman and her body, such as forcing you to lose weight, undergo certain cosmetic procedures or feel distrustful of your shape. Every woman, of course, wants to look beautiful in the eye of her husband and make some changes from time to time, but it is natural that these changes stem from your own desire and not subject to the requirements of your husband, you are supposed to love each other as he is and not try to change him.


Change your opinions and convictions:

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Each party must respect the convictions of the other party even if they disagree with them, it is normal to differ in some political, religious or other convictions, but it is not normal for the party to force the other party to change their convictions, make fun of them or make them feel guilty about them. Be firm about making fun of your convictions, but if your political debates, for example, always end in a fight, you can avoid them.

View your privacy:

Does your spouse have the password for your email and Facebook account?” Does your mobile phone unlock and read your messages If your answer is yes, and you think that he is a romantic husband who changes you and wants to dissolve all the boundaries between you, I’m sorry to tell you that this is not romantic at all, it shows a desire to control you and lack of confidence so you have to reject this firmly from the beginning.

Give up your interests and hobbies:

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Do you like painting, needlework, knitting or even collecting bottle caps for soft drinks Whatever your hobbies should not be mocked by your husband, your hobbies are part of you and your personality, stick to your hobbies and do not accept ridicule or ridicule them or ask to give them up.

Quit your job and fight your ambition:

Your spouse does not have the right to ask you to leave or change your job, it is understood that some jobs may affect the family negatively through some default, but in this case you are supposed to sit together and look for a solution that allows some work-family harmonisation. But he should not be jealous and insecure about your success or your material, social or scientific superiority.

Repress your feelings:

When you feel angry or sad, you should find support and consolation from your husband, so you should not feel that you are exaggerating your sadness, anger or even joy, as not paying attention to your feelings and minimizing them will certainly affect your relationship, which is an act that should not be issued by your husband.


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