5 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew



Ah, cats. Depending on their needs, they can be affectionate or aloof, independent or needy. Understanding and mutual respect can take several months for cat owners and their cats, if not years. It is not easy to figure out what your cat friend is saying.

What if you could understand what your cat wants to tell you? What would your cat say to you? You might be curious to know what your cat would say to you. Stay tuned to Blue Valley Animal Hospital for more ideas.


I need your attention – Cats have a reputation for being independent, but they still require companionship from humans. Researchers found that cats prefer human attention to their preferences for toys and food when tested on their choice for social interaction with humans. Your cat is unique because of you!

I’m Bored- Cats have a lot of intelligence and require more than just a ball. Bored cats are more likely to gain, which can hurt their health, and boredom can also lead to many other problems.

Environmental enrichment can be beneficial for all cats, both mentally and physically. You can give your cat perches at different heights, a catio, greens for munching, and interactive toys. Playtime with you is the best enrichment for cats.

I Need to Scratch Something – As part of natural feline behaviors, scratching is instinctive for cats. This natural behavior comes from the wild. Cats scratch their claws to clean, sharpen, stretch and prepare them for hunting. You’ll be happier if you give your cat something to do that doesn’t cost you any furniture.

I don’t continually purr because I’m happy – Purring can signify contentment and indicate pain, anxiety, or stress. To determine if your cat is purring, you will need to examine their other behavior. A trip to the veterinarian is necessary to ensure that all is well. Cats can hide signs of pain from even their closest friends, and regular preventive care is essential for cat well-being.

My Litter Box is My Special Place – A cat’s litter box is an exceptional place. It will need to be cleaned and changed at least once a week. You should avoid using scented or toxic cleaners. Keep the litter box in one place to ensure continuity. Your cat should have access to the litter box, but it should also be private. You should have one litter box per cat in a household with multiple cats. This will prevent bullying and competition.

You should check with your veterinarian if your cat suddenly stops using the litter box.

What Your Cat Wishes you Knew

We bet you now have some insight into the things your cat would like you to know. We’d love to hear from you via our social media channels, and our top priority is to help cats stay healthy and happy.