10 things in a man that attract a woman to him in a crazy way


In a recent interview, model Ria-Ne-Ne revealed that she is attracted to a man with tattoos or tattoos and considers him very sexy. This statement made us look more closely at the physical and psychological qualities that make a woman receive the charm of a man, so that she is automatically attracted to him without much effort. Here are 8 qualities that make a man irresistible to a woman:

High self-confidence:

But not to the point of Vanity! A woman likes to be accompanied by a man who is able to make decisions with confidence, without the burden of making decisions herself at all times. At the same time, she is not looking for a cocky person who feels that he is superior to her in everything, she is looking for a life partner and not a leader who guides her life!

Funny and enjoys a sense of humor:

Laughter is the way to a woman’s heart, she adores a man who is able to make her laugh and simply delight her. A sense of humor often expresses a quick-witted and sociable man par excellence.

Strong structure:

A man with broad shoulders, prominent muscles and tall stature, for example, is more sexually aroused in a woman than a thin man. This is about a woman’s instinct that draws her to stronger masculine features and that she feels that a man is able to protect her.
The ability to listen is not usually good for men, but a man who does it will attract a woman to him without effort or attempt.

Deep sound:

This is also related to a woman’s Basic Instinct, which regards a deep voice as a kind of sign of a strong masculine structure, something she seeks by nature.


Fresh smell:

It’s not about a specific scent of perfume but just because a man has a fresh scent, this will make him instantly attractive. Studies have shown that women have a higher sense of smell than men and are often aroused by the smells of perfume that he applies immediately after bathing.

His well-groomed style in clothes:

This does not mean that he adopts the suit every day of his life, but that he cares about the choice of his clothes and looks tidy even when adopting sportswear.
He constantly cares about himself: a man who cares about his diet, fitness, personal hygiene and figure in total is inevitably sexy for a woman!

Loves family and having children someday:

Every woman who wants to have a long-term relationship and get married one day will be quickly attracted to this type of man who is often affectionate.


This trait indicates a man who is hard at work and wants to progress continuously in his life, and therefore this gives a woman a kind of reassurance for their future together, so there is no doubt that she is automatically attracted to him.